Arizona State Budget Crisis

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Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the Arizona state budget still has not passed.  The biggest issue holding up the budget from passing is the disagreement between Governor Brewer and the State Legislators on a sales tax increase.  The sales tax increase is a proposed one percent for two years; so for every dollar a person spends there will be an extra penny charged.  The tax money will be used to fund education and social service programs.  Most of the families that we serve rely on funding from government social services, without the sales tax increase much of the funding is at risk of being cut form the budget and many of the children and families that we help will have little access to treatment and services. 

Governor Brewer has been a staunch supporter of social services and is insisting on the sales tax increase.  I have included three links below, one is the most recent news article describing the current budget situation, another is the link to contact the governor and the last is the link to contact your local legislator.  I encourage everyone to participate in this very important issue by contacting Governor Brewer and/or your representative to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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