The New Foundation’s Holiday Giving Program

The holidays are a magical time of year for kids and families everywhere.  There is a celebration and holiday decor everywhere you look. For our kids, it s poignant reminder of their circumstance and is often filled with loneliness, sadness and sometimes even anger.  The kids in our care are experiencing overwhelming obstacles as a result of abuse, neglect, mental illness and addiction.  These obstacles are especially difficult during the holiday season when they are detached from family and friends.

The Holiday Giving Program ensures that kids in TNF’s care will have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday spirit and have a gift to open on Christmas Day. It’s about more than giving a child a gift. It’s about giving a child the chance to believe in the generosity of others and the opportunity to experience the magic of the holidays.

Our Holiday Giving Program has several ways you can help add some sparkle to the holidays for our kids.

How You Can Contribute

  • Coordinate a collection drive of an item or items off of our Holiday Wish List
  • Adopt-a-Dorm
  • Shop for 1 kid in our program by purchasing an age appropriate gift
  • Donate a gift card to Target, Walmart or Michael’s
  • Donate gift wrap or gift wrapping supplies

If you wish to be a part of the Holiday Giving Program, please contact Sue Gifford at (480) 945-3302 Ext 135 or by email at

Download the program outline and the Holiday Wish List by Clicking HERE.