Assessment Test for Parents or Guardians

Our self-assessment will help you determine if a residential treatment plan is recommended for your child. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, please call us to discuss the matter further (480) 945-3302.
  1. Does your child disregard rules and ignore parental guidance?
  2. Does your child lie to avoid the consequences of his/her behavior?
  3. Do you often avoid setting consequences or go back on consequences you’ve set because it is too difficult to deal with the reaction of your child?
  4. Has your child shown a distinct change in mood recently (i.e., depressed, angry, hostile)?
  5. Has there been a drop in your child’s academic performance recently?
  6. Does your child seem to have problems getting along with peers?
  7. Has your child recently made a change in the types of friends he/she associates with, and this change concerns you?
  8. Do you suspect your child is using alcohol and/or drugs?
  9. Does your child rule the mood of the home, creating disharmony and/or chaos?
  10. Do you often worry about your child’s future due to his/her attitude and behavior?