The New Foundation provides accelerated education services through the Marion Burton School for clients enrolled in residential care. 

The Marion Burton School, located on campus is fully accredited by AdvancED, formerly the North Central Association and teaches both regular and special education needs. Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.) are reviewed to ensure we are able to accommodate each child’s education needs.  The curriculum  focuses on meeting Arizona’s Common Core Standards in the primary subjects to enable clients to rejoin their age-appropriate peers upon returning to their communities and schools.

Mission Statement

To empower all students to access required curriculum and core standards based on individual need, while enabling them to reintegrate successfully back into a school or alternative educational placement of their choice.

Vision Statement

The Marion Burton School will encourage and support each student to achieve meaningful academic goals and to make appropriate healthy life choices.


As an educational environment, the Marion Burton School recognizes and supports the individual levels of each student both cognitively and emotionally. The goal is to provide each student with the basic skills to be successful in today’s society. Through the educational team, the school utilizes creating techniques and innovative mediums to accommodate all learning styles which include auditory, visual, tactile, or a combination thereof.