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Building stronger foundations for growth and recovery for children and families in crisis.

We use a client-centered approach to care and create an environment where clients feel safe, can control trauma responses, and learn new adaptive skills.

We offer residential and outpatient programs to youth ages 11-17 who are struggling with substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

Intake assessments can be scheduled to determine which one of our treatment programs is right for you.  Call 480-945-3302.

What do you need help with?


Substance Abuse/Addiction




Depression/Mood Disorders


Interpersonal/Socialization Skills


Family Conflict


Behavioral Issues

Our Programs



We’re committed to providing each resident a unique, customized treatment program. Our residential program allows clients to face their challenges in a safe, secure setting, helping to inspire hope and to begin restoring their lives.



Our outpatient programs provide youth the opportunity to remain connected to a strong support network even as they return to their home, school, and community.



Our fully accredited education program encourages each student to achieve meaningful academic goals and to make healthy life choices.

“I am so thankful for you, this place, and all the progress you helped me make. Thank you for believing in me.”
– Former RTC client

Support us so we can
support them.

There are numerous ways you can help support our youth and families. You can volunteer, share your talent, or make a financial donation to help improve our campus, programs, school, advance our technology, even sponsor outings. To give online, use our donate button. For full details on how you can help support The New Foundation, contact (480) 945-3302

Support us so we can support them.

This is Michael,

Michael was 15 when he started smoking marijuana. By 16 he had begun abusing prescription pills. His grades were declining in school, he quit the football team, and lost motivation for all the other things he used to enjoy doing. His parents worried that he was becoming depressed as he was more irritable, slept often, engaged in risky behaviors, and was isolating himself from friends and family. They brought him to The New Foundation to “save their son’s life” as they believed he was spiraling out of control. Michael completed treatment successfully and two years later a letter was sent from his mother.

“My son is now a sophomore at NAU and has come a long way since being in your program. For this I have your facility and the wonderful staff at The New Foundation to thank.”

Every day we are committed to helping youth have the same success story as Michael.


Get in Touch

If you would like more information about our programs, treatment options or the process of initiating placement, please call us or email at  To expedite the admission process, visit our admissions page to learn more about intake requirements.

If you are in crisis please call: (602) 222-9444 / (800) 631-1314 or for Emergencies call 911.

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