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Arizona Tax Credit

Your Donations May Be Eligible For Arizona Tax Credit

The New Foundation is a Qualifying Charitable Organization in the State of Arizona. Formerly called The Working Poor Tax Credit, this individual income tax credit provides assistance to residents of Arizona who either receive TANF benefits, are low-income, or are chronically ill or are disabled children. You can help our youth and families with a donation as opposed to paying the state.

Learn more about the tax credit at See our Notice of Certification HERE.

Earn Dollar-for-dollar Deductions

It’s simple. Make a donation to a qualifying organization, and when filing your Arizona Tax Return, claim the dollar-for-dollar credit on IRS Form 321. Click here to download.

Things to Know
  • You do not have to itemize
  • The tax credit is available in addition to the Public or Private school credit
  • Maximum tax credit for individuals filing single is $400 and $800 for couples filing jointly

Please consult your tax advisor for specific questions. 

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