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Help Us Prevent Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide in Arizona is up 81 percent since 2009. Families feel helpless and panicked when their beloved children start talking about self-harm. And they’re the lucky ones…at least their children give a warning sign that something is wrong. Jessica Noble recently shared heartfelt thoughts about her family’s frantic efforts to find help for her daughter, Maddi.

“When I was growing up, the biggest parenting concerns were drug use and pregnancy. I was prepared for those things. Serious depression and self-harm…those were beyond my understanding.

My daughter started having issues at school a few years ago. I tried to talk to her about them, but the situation spiraled rapidly out of control. My poor daughter went through several different diagnoses…including depression, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder and a myriad of other things. No one could give us a clear answer. I couldn’t fix this and, as a mother, I felt like I had let my daughter down.

We eventually ended up in the hospital because Maddi threatened self-harm. There, our psychiatrist recommended The New Foundation. The staff at TNF was able to properly diagnose her and prescribe the best medication to manage her illness. They provided our family with counseling so we could help her manage her illness, and gave us the skills to help her integrate back into everyday life.”

I see my daughter today and feel so blessed that we found The New Foundation. I’m thankful for the time and effort all the staff and doctors took to help my baby girl become the strong, independent and beautiful person she is today.”

There are far too many Jessicas out there, desperate to find help for their children but unable to pay for it. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost. Many families with private insurance face a daunting $10,000 deductible and then a 20% co-pay after that. Even the most profound love cannot manufacture those kinds of funds if they don’t exist in the family budget.

We are supremely grateful to the Trends Charitable Fund for providing a $35,000 grant to our newly-formed Youth Assistance Fund. This Fund will help bridge the gap to care for families who can’t pay for it or who don’t have insurance.

What is a life worth to you? We desperately need your help to build up our Youth Assistance Fund. And it won’t cost you a dime! Just use the Arizona Tax Credit to allocate some of your taxes to The New Foundation. (See details below.)

A child lost is a wasted life. The New Foundation provides a kid-focused environment where young people can heal from emotional wounds and build strength for the future. Please help us create happy endings for families like the Nobles.

Direct Your Tax Dollars to Preventing Suicide

Please…help us prevent teen suicide. All it takes is two simple steps:

  • Give to The New Foundation (up to $400 for single filers or $800 for married joint filers)
  • Report the organization and amount of the gift on Department of Revenue Form 321.

Then subtract your gift amount from your taxes due. It’s like taking money that you would give to the state anyway and giving it to us instead! (And if you owe less than what you give, you will get a refund. Seriously!) Learn more by talking with your tax advisor, or check out the state’s website FAQs.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. New or used duffle bags help us send kids on their way with dignity. A digital camera would help us capture and share priceless moments and friendships. If you can grant a wish, please contact us here!

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