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Children and young adults can often experience behavioral, emotional, and mental health problems. These challenges can disrupt them from functioning appropriately on a day to day basis, be it at home, school, or in the community at large.

If you are looking for a safe, effective residential rehabilitation program for your child dealing with such issues and want them to receive the individual time and attention they need to recover, you need look no further.


At The New Foundation Residential and Outpatient Center, young adults and their families feel safe, supported, and hopeful for the future. Using a strength-based philosophy, we empower youth and families to overcome destructive patterns of behaviors that have been causing pain and conflict. We empower young teens and their families to replace unhealthy behaviors with positive ones and to implement new life skills.

What can we help with?

What Makes The New Foundation Unique

Located in south Scottsdale, The New Foundation has been helping teens and families overcome substance abuse and mental health challenges for more than 40 years.

The New Foundation differs from typical residential treatment programs in the way we provide care.

Our first priority is to establish a feeling of safety through structure and predictability. A team is formed with the adolescent, family, caseworker, court, and clinician, to explore causes and functionality of behaviors. We then utilize intervention strategies that lead to skill development.

Utilizing the Nurtured Heart approach, we strategically pull the child into new patterns of success through therapeutic and behavioral management strategies. This personalized program creates a unique environment, which promotes long-term healing and recovery.

The success of this approach along with other evidence based treatments have helped countless families and adolescents feel hopeful and optimistic about their future. The New Foundation believes hiring experienced staff who are compassionate and dedicated to working with adolescents is the key. We call this ‘expertise with a heart’.

Along with a customized treatment approach and excellent staff, The New Foundation understands that creating a holistic wellness program is vital for recovery. This includes integrating education, counseling services, talk therapy, family involvement, medication management, and a healthy diet and exercise.

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