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Residential Facilities

Since 1970, The New Foundation has been a trusted provider of treatment for Arizona’s youth. Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, its 52 semi-private bedroom facility situated on a three-acre campus combines evidence-based practices and individualized care to provide the most effective treatment for youth struggling with depression, trauma, mood disorders, and addiction.

When adolescents participate in our residential program, they will be provided with various therapeutic interventions, which may include the following:

Medication management: When treating the symptoms of different types of mental health disorders, there are times when certain psychotropic medications may be implemented that could serve as a beneficial means of alleviating the distress that an adolescent is experiencing. The use of any medication, however, is always determined on an individual basis. An initial appointment with a psychiatrist or psychiatric NP will occur within days of admission and then weekly to monthly based on each case. Our 24-hour nursing staff and nurse practitioner will assist in handling all medication management needs.

Individual therapy: The use of individual therapy is a vital part of the treatment offered at The New Foundation. Client’s will meet with their primary clinician up to two times a week to work towards their own individual treatment goals.

Group therapy: The use of group therapy is a major component of our clients’ overall treatment plans. Various group sessions are held daily and can play an instrumental role in helping our clients learn to manage their mental health challenges. The different types of groups that are offered as part of programming include:

  • Recreational therapy groups
  • Dialectical behavior therapy groups
  • Cognitive behavior therapy groups
  • Process groups
  • Addictions groups
  • Art therapy groups
Family therapy: Substance abuse and mental health problems affect the entire family. Parent involvement plays a vital role in recovery. While children and adolescents are in treatment, parents participate in multifamily therapy and a parent support group designed to educate and train parents on recovery, trust, communication, limit setting, parenting and preparing for the return home. Parental involvement in these vital aspects of our program allows parents to better understand substance abuse and psychiatric issues and to develop a support system by knowing other parents facing similar problems. Parents are required to attend the parent education group held every Monday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Recreational activities: Recreational therapy plays another integral role in the therapeutic experience at The New Foundation. Recreational therapy can enhance the self-esteem of our students as they develop new interests and discover talents that they did not know they possessed. Participating in these recreational activities also aids in enriching other types of skillsets, including coping skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and social skills. Our staff supervises students as they participate in both community and in-house recreational activities three to seven times each week.

Community activities: Participation in community activities is an important part of integrating clients in treatment back into the community and allows them to demonstrate the coping skills they have learned. Clients are introduced to numerous outside activities including NA or 12-step recovery groups, sponsored events, community resources, or meetings which are a positive way to get involved in safe, fun activities in the surrounding area.

Academics: The New Foundation has a fully AdvancED accredited academic program that provides accelerated education for client’s enrolled in the residential program. Classes meet onsite from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. This program allows students to receive all of the benefits of a traditional education while also having therapeutic interventions included in their daily schedules.

The curriculum focuses on meeting Arizona’s Common Core Standards in the primary subjects to enable clients to rejoin their age-appropriate peers upon returning to their communities and school.

Continuing care: In addition to the treatment that is offered through our residential programming at Youth Care, we are also pleased to offer partial hospitalization programming (PHP) for students who are not quite ready to return home full time. This option for day treatment allows adolescents to experience the same type of daily programming that students in the residential program receive, while being able to return home at the end of the day. We also provide an Intensive Outpatient program which provides after-school programming for those needing more than just outpatient counseling for structure, support, and treatment.

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